About the Lake

Lake Travis is the home lake for Central Texas Fishing Guide.  Randal Frisbie spends most of his fishing and guiding time on this 65 mile long Central Texas lake covering 18,622 acres.   Lake Travis is the jewel of the Highland Lakes and can be broken down into four different types of water. (see below “Main Lake” and “The Split”)

Lake Travis is also home to a diverse population of game fish.  Depending on the area of the lake and the presentation of the lure, a seasoned angler can choose to target largemouth, Guadalupe, white, striped, or hybrid bass. 

“Main Lake”

The basin is very, very deep.   At full pool the basin is 190 feet deep, which is a great part of  the lake for striper fishing.

Mid-lake runs from Starnes Island to “The Split” or “Confluence”.    This is a 20 mile stretch which is a wide, deep, winding part of the lake. Most anglers spend their time here fishing for white bass, hybrids, and various black bass. 

“The Split”

“The River” refers to the Colorado River portion of Lake Travis that is north of “The Split”.  “The Spllit” is where the Colorado and Pedernales River converge.  This portion of Lake Travis is shallower and narrower that the Mid-lake section, but does have some deeper and wider areas.  When the lake is low, this can be very hazardous to navigate as you approach mile market 50.  This section of the lake is favored by anglers when the white bass make their annual run for spawning.  

“The Ped” refers to the Pedernales River that is the other river section past the “The Split” heading southwest.  The is a very shallow section of the river and becomes completely dry when the lake is very low.   This is another favored area for anglers looking for spawning black bass.  When the striper are feeding it’s not uncommon to catch them as far up as the Pedernales Bridge! 

Guide Services

Central Texas Fishing Guide provides half-day and full-day guided fishing trips on Lake Travis. These guide trips primarily target largemouth and Guadalupe bass.

Central Texas Fishing Guide provides evening and night guided fishing trips on Lake Travis.  These guide trips primarily target white, hybrid, and striped bass.